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Zeeland has so many culinary riches. From the sea and from the land, always splashes. Salty flavors, sweet delicacies, ultimate enjoyment. It is no coincidence that Zeeland excels in the Michelin guide with the most star restaurants per inhabitant. Of course there are many regional and beautiful products from the North Sea and the Oosterschelde in the Zeeland restaurants. A nice way to taste Zeeland is by experiencing Restaurant Mezger or Brasserie de Walvis.


Restaurant Mezger, Domburg

If you like luxury and extensive dining, you can go to Restaurant Mezger. A restaurant that does justice to all the unique qualities of the Mezger Lodges. Only the best is good enough. More than just enjoying culinary pleasure. Whether you opt for a delicious lunch, dine à la carte or opt for the menus of the passionate chefs, all your senses will be pampered here. A pure pallet of natural and enchanting flavors.

Restaurants Brasserie Walvis

For a tasty dinner in Zoutelande, join Brasserie de Walvis, located in the Beach Hotel. Pure and casual enjoyment. Chef Sebastian Koenraads, together with his colleagues, pays a lot of attention to regional and seasonal ingredients. The dishes that are served in the restaurant preferably come from Zeeland, are of the Beter Leven quality mark and are tastefully prepared.